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Task System

Here we have some explanations about the Task System:


For each task delivered you will have the number of Rank points to evolve (look on your character) and Task points.

The task points in the future can be exchanged for items with NPC's that will be deployed to the server.

There is a Hunter NPC in each city.

The ranks are separated into:


  • 1- Explorer (0-20)
  • 2- Third Class Hunter (21-50)
  • 3- Second Class Hunter (51,100)
  • 4- First Class Hunter (101-200)
  • 5- Elite Hunter (201+)


The rank will give you abilities to talk to NPC's that only respond to compatible ranks, as well as Traveler (our Rashid, since version 7.4 / 7.7 was not implemented).


Task NameMonstersAmountAwardsExpRank PointsTask PointsRepeat Times
RatRat Cave Rat10015 Platinum Coins5000 Experience154
NecromancerNecromancer350Boots Of Haste120000 Experience5151
CrocodileCrocodile200Crocodile Boots15000 Experience272
WolfWolf15015 Platinum Coins7000 Experience152
Giant SpiderGiant Spider400Knight Legs134000 Experience6151
WarlockWarlock400A Golden Armor450000 Experience10201
GhoulGhoul350A Life Ring45000 Experience4101
DemonDemon666Demon Legs1000000 Experience15200
MinotaurMinotaur Minotaur Guard Minotaur Mage Minotaur Archer War Minotaur50050 Platinum Coins65000 Experience4151
CyclopCyclops400A Naginata90000 Experience4101
HeroHero350Crown Legs165000 Experience4151
OrcOrc Orc Warrior Orc Spearman Orc Berserker Orc Leader200120 Platinum Coins22000 Experience3101
GoblinGoblin15010 Platinum Coins5000 Experience152
DragonDragon4003 Crystal Coins145000 Experience5151
Dragon LordDragon Lord450A Royal Helmet355000 Experience7201
SnakeSnake10015 Platinum Coins5000 Experience152
Ancient ScarabAncient Scarab3505 Crystal Coins142000 Experience5151
StalkerStalker250A Stealth Ring25000 Experience251
BehemotdBehemotd400A Giant Sword550000 Experience10151
Black KnightBlack Knight100A Dragon Lance180000 Experience5151
Demon SkeletonDemon Skeleton300120 Platinum Coins80000 Experience5151
MummyMummy30050 Platinum Coins49000 Experience372
Crypt ShamblerCrypt Shambler300A Dwarven Axe62000 Experience371
HydraHydra4004 Crystal Coins250000 Experience5151
Black SheepBlack Sheep200A Dice1000 Experience250
VampireVampire300A Vampire Shield98000 Experience581
GhostGhost250A Stealth Rings45000 Experience371
RotwormRotworm35035 Platinum Coins25000 Experience252
DwarfDwarf25025 Platinum Coins21000 Experience252
Dwarf GuardDwarf Guard300150 Platinum Coins82000 Experience35151
ApeSibang Kongra Merlkin5502 Crystal Coins76000 Experience481
BugBug5015 Platinum Coins5000 Experience152
ScorpionScorpion5025 Platinum Coins10000 Experience252
ElfElf Elf Scout Elf Arcanist35050 Platinum Coins40000 Experience4101
AmazonAmazon15050 Platinum Coins15000 Experience251
CarniphilaCarniphila15050 Platinum Coins35000 Experience9172
ValkyrieValkyrie25080 Platinum Coins22000 Experience251
Swamp TrollSwamp Troll20025 Platinum Coins11000 Experience252
EfreetEfreet100A Green Gem75000 Experience15301
SkeletonSkeleton10025 Platinum Coins22000 Experience264
BeholderBeholder150A Beholder Shield35000 Experience5101
Dwarf SoldierDwarf Soldier30060 Platinum Coins41000 Experience8152
BansheeBanshee300A Blue Robe123000 Experience15351
LarvaLarva60050 Platinum Coins45000 Experience362
Orc ShamanOrc Shaman20080 Platinum Coins41000 Experience9171
BonebeastBonebeast400A Fire Sword83000 Experience15301
Wild WarriorWild Warrior300A War Hammer31000 Experience370
SlimeSlime20050 Platinum Coins40000 Experience7151
Dwarf GeomancerDwarf Geomancer400 Boots Of Haste82000 Experience15301
Orc RiderOrc Rider25060 Platinum Coins30000 Experience5101
Orc WarlordOrc Warlord300A Golden Armor125000 Experience18351
WaspWasp20025 Platinum Coins15000 Experience2102
HunterHunter20050 Power Bolts41000 Experience7151
LichLich200An Amazon Shield90000 Experience15301
TrollTroll20020 Platinum Coins13000 Experience2101
WitchWitch200A Magician Hat50000 Experience7151
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