Realistic World Battle: SERVER STARTED!


Here is some information about our custom map:

You can download the full 7.72 map clicking HERE

ReferSpot name
1Dragons Altar
2One eyed way
3Wild Warrior Refuge
4Lost Spiders
5Fire Sanctuary
6Remapped Rookgaard
7Beholders Storm and one Demon Quest
8Flying Desert
9Remapped Dark Cathedral and Heroes Puzzle
10Tar Invasion
11Cobras Mansion
12Orcs Barrier
13Remmapped POH and Wyvern Place
14Orcs Way
15Remapped Amazon Camp
16Dwarven Cave
17Amazons Tower
18Demon Hunter's Home
19Extended Heroes
20Unholy Temple
21Cyclopolis Extension
22Ghouls Invasion
23Darashia Dragon Lair
24Remapped Minotaurs
25Hidden Fire Bugs
26Imortal Cats
27Extended Necromancers
28Dragon Lords Revenge
29South Hydras
30Crocodiles Way
31Sand Trolls
32Hidden Hydras
34Mysterious Giant's Forest
35Hidden Place
36Fur Hunter's
37Drake's Lair
38Frozen Castle
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Players: 2
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