Realistic World Battle: SERVER STARTED!
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  25 Mar 2020 - Client Released


More 3 hours for start, the client has been released.

As the first day, the first experience stage will 40x instead 20x.

If you have problems with our launcher you can download the direct ZIP client here.

Call your friends and see you soon!

posted by Rafael

  16 Mar 2020 - New Season


Due to Covid-19 virus quarentine, we decided to launch at march 25 a new season called Novus, and all players and accounts of the old season were merged to Eternity, an eternal world that will receive players from all those new seasoned new servers like this one. 

This will make you don't lose your characters and accounts, if you wanna keep playing after seasoned server hype goes out, and give a bigger population to Eternity in some time.

Novus will have the same rates and systems from the old season.

In some days we will have more information about it and start advertising.

Realistic is a South American hosted server without DDoS or connection issues, we did it for a year, with the best ping ever seen. 

We hope you enjoy!

posted by Rafael

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